Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another broken derailleur hanger...

Scott, Paula and I met at Le Buzz today for a late ride up on Lemmon today. It was great to be able to sleep in a bit and the weather was perfect. It was a casual pace up Prison Camp and Bugs, pausing frequently to enjoy the amazing clear day. Everything was going as planned until the 2nd to last climb out of Bugs. Epic failure occurred when I was climbing and a rock jumped up into my spokes and bent my derailleur hanger into my spokes.

I downloaded the new Topofusion version, good stuff. Here is a nice aerial view of Bugs.

Scott and I managed to bend it back and ride the trail down to Prison Camp, where we met Paula. This is where things even got more complicated. It turns out that she unknowingly dropped the car key in the restroom; Scott and I descended to the car only to realize that the key was up at Prison Camp (car is at Molino). Scott rode up to get the key while Paula and I tried to break into the car. No luck. Luckily, Scott managed to find the key and ride back down the trail in about 25 minutes. On the drive back down the mountain, we enjoyed some warm, hot chooclate courtesy of Paula. Mmmmmm...talking about totally redeeming yourself. Lost key + hot chocolate= good times.

Lemmon has claimed 2 of my hangers in the past 4 months (Samaniego Ridge and now Bugs). I just finished putting the new (and last) hanger on the Leviathan.

This was the first time I rode this week, opting for a massive base schedule for running (about 25 miles this week). It is hike-a-bike season in Arizona and training for hike-a-bike requires running, a lot of running.


Rockin' said...

You could go without a derailuer.


second that

Chad said...

Working on getting one...I hope to have it built by Antelope Peak Challenge!

ScottM said...

Yep, climbing Molino and Bugs would be AWESOME on a SS.




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