Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to become an endurance athlete!

While I was uploading the track for tomorrow's ride, I started playing around with the profile feature on Topofusion. I decided to call this little segment "Becoming an Endurance Athlete Blogger"

The number #1 fastest way to con people into thinking you are fast is to post up crazy graphs... the following is no exception.

crazy, eh? If you did not think I was an endurance rider before, check this out! I find myself doing this sometime, although it is normally just the elevation change.

The #2 fastest way is to start referring to some Coach all the time. Coach has having me do workouts this week. My legs hurt since Coach gave me the plans for this week. Coach. Start adding them to your blogs. It will make you a faster rider and improve your blogging skills immediately. Look at this blog for a good example.

Then comes #3. I used to do this on my old blog. This takes a little time and effort for some bloggers. Make sure to have all your races that you have ever done in the past decade in a side column with links and places of each.

The final #4 segment is to get sponsorships and put them all over the blog. Here is a good example of that.

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