Monday, December 22, 2008


I bit of sore throat today has put my plans for this week on hold. Goat camp was the plan today, although that was canceled this morning with a phone call from Scott. Also, there is some rain in the forecast this week. Today, I am working on buying parts for the new bike build and the Leviathan. Brakes bled, shock fixed, and frame cleaned. I am still anxious to see at least an overnight ride this week, but it seems like it might be extended until next week.

If I ride this one solo, I will probably be heading north on the Arizona Trail (similar to Scott's trip).

Otherwise, I might stay locally and explore some more routes in the Tortolitas. Either way, first I need to rest up.

Dave has a good summary of the recap for 2008. Check it out at his blog.
The 8 Days of Christmas are staring in Tucson, an entire week of mountain biking and Brink has set the challenge for anyone wishing to ride around the Tucson Mountains.

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