Sunday, June 15, 2014

El Tigre Bikepacking, Mexico Day 3

We woke up on the last day ready to beat the heat. The night had passed with several interruptions (click here to read about Day 2) that left us a little groggy. After a quick breakfast, we packed up and started the climb out.

Having made the shortcut across the river on the first day, we were curious to see the entire road route from around the lake. The route is a lot longer, a good hour or more of riding. One benefit of taking the different route was a change in the scenery. 

The new route behind us, we rode on the same road back to the car.

Great views morphed to canyons...

and later to flagstone mines...

and finally the "famous" dinosaur tracks.

This is the type of bikepacking trip that really brings a smile to my face. The "exploration bikepacker" is the one that is not content riding the same loop, rather he/she constantly tries to find new routes.

That bikepacker is rewarded with new views and incredible experiences (in this case, tequilla and tacos!). It is not easy though. Combing aerial photographs and researching new routes does take time....

Thank you, Lee, for entertaining the idea of this trip.

Information on the route:
GPX track available here
Maps available here


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