Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trans Utah 2009

Follow it here on as Troy, Dave Kirk, and Blair attempt to be the first finishers. Discussion is going on over at

I have nearly finalized the GPX track for 400 miles of touring/racing in northern Arizona. The current 250 mile (Coconino Loop Race) track that we rode last June is simply stunning. My hope is that the new 150ish miles to the Grand Canyon and back on the AZT will make the route blissful.

Here is a view of the route Flagstaff-Sedona-Mingus-Williams-Grand Canyon-Flagstaff:

Race details on CLR
Discussion on the CLR 250/400

When life gives you Lemmons...

The next morning, we (Evil P/T, Dave M, Los Trujillo, Kendall and Chris) met at Bigelow to ride

We rode 1918 to Butterfly

I know what you are thinking right now... more switchback attack! Will this phrase ever be overused?

to Crystal Springs

popping out at the Control Rd and a quick out-n-back on Oracle Ridge to check out the views and current trail status. I had an idea for another challenge while I was admiring Antelope Peak from Oracle Ridge (see below).

Scott joined us at Summerhaven to ride Aspen

Scott on the big bike

He was the only one to ride this log, after two failed attempts by me....

before finishing at Oktoberfest at the Ski Valley.

Return to camp via Sunset and 1918.

A fine weekend by my standards. Along with some great riding this weekend, I also came up with the next Mt Lemmon challenge ride... It needs a name (any ideas?), but here it is:

Milagrosa-Molino-Prison Camp-Bugs-Green-Incinerator-Butterfly-Crystal-Control Road-Oracle Ridge-Red-Ski Valley Rd-Lap on Meadows-Aspen-Sunset-1918-El Ceecreto-Bigelow-Green-Bugs-Prison-Molino-Milagrosa. [80ish miles, 20k+ of climbing]

Incinerator Ridge at Sunset

A quick out and back from Bigelow. Great views of the Rincons, San Pedro Valley, and Tucson.

Here is a shot of Rincons

One of my new favorite places to watch the sunset in Tucson. After Incinerator, I headed down to 1918 and Sunset before returning to our camp on Bigelow. A quick 4 hour sunset/night ride.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


After Flagstaff, Scott and I headed to Sedona for some more trail reconning. The resulting ride was a combination of technical singletrack with an occasional hike-a-bike. Not too bad considering some of the terrain in this area.

Schuerman was the first trail we rode; it is right behind the high school. This drops into the Lime Kiln Trail, which connects Sedona to Cottonwood. Here is a good shot of Mingus Mountain in the background (which we have to climb on Day 2).

These trails are not really on the radar of too many mtbers. In fact, I had never ridden either before the Coconino Loop Tour last June.

A new game has formed between Scott and I. It is called, the pointing game. I try to take pictures of him pointing. This game began 3 weeks ago on Mingus. Since then the pictures are not as candid as they used to be (see picture below) I think I have about 9 photos so far.

That valley is where we rode and where the new route is going.

Some good technical sections made the ride slower and more interesting

Part of the old route included Red Rock Crossing. The new route will go up Baldwin Trail. Here is Scott crossing at Red Rock.

And of course, the weekend was not without the switchback attack!

Do you recognize this fun trail in Sedona?

Here is another hint.

Sedona is a special place. Reminds me of the colors of Zion and Bryce at times.

We rode for a little under 4 hours, although honestly it seemed like 5-6 hours had passed. The best part about adding this new singletrack is that there will now be two places to get water on the route, Red Rock State Park and a cow trough on the Wing Mountain moto singletrack.

Is singletrack always better?

Scott and Co. and I headed to Flagstaff for some scouting for the Coconino 250 and 350 Loop with the motto: singletrack (with little hike-a-bike) is always better. In other words, we have been trying to reduce the amount of forest roads for some rideable, fun singletrack.

We met up with Mr. Troy and headed out on the Flagstaff Urban System to Observatory Mesa

Troy had a flat, which prompted a few shots off the bike

I had heard mixed reviews about the moto track. In my opinion, it has quite the perfect blend of views (here is Kendrick Peak below in the background)

Even a few sections to huck. Here is Troy making the first jump of a small little moto park.

Later came more views and even some sweet fast bob-sled like singletrack. It's a good find for the Coconino Loop, and I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants a new ride in Flagstaff.

Troy sprinted off at Snowbowl Rd while we headed up to ride more ST, Rocky Moto and Schutlz, and then back to Flagstaff. Great ride, especially since new trails have been added to the loop. Check it out here in a few days.

Rather than camping, a friend of Paula's offered us her living room to sleep on thereby ending my 5-weekend streak of camping. Sedona came next.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New KCE route

As of now, the proposed new Kentucky Camp Epic route would be a long and short course route, both would have only one lap options.

Short: 29 miles
Long: 46 miles

Tracks have been uploaded
on the site. December 12th is the date. The Rock y Road 50/50 course has also been finalized. The track is available at the aforementioned Google group.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the new route?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More I Bike Tucson T-Shirts

I made some more shirts, different colors and better material. American Apparel this time. Same prices as last time ($10), but if you buy two, both will cost you $16.

Guys: pink, kelly green, navy blue, teal, asphalt, cranberry, eggplant. Girls: pink, lavender, teal, fuchsia

If you are interested, leave me a comment with your email or send me an email: az epic rider and runner (no spaces) at g mail

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

El Vapor

Scott and I drove up to Salida, CO to take part in the Vapor Trail 125. He has a good write-up over here, ergo I am going to be short winded and say that I bailed out due to a lost chain ring bolt and partly due to the weather. (Lame, I know. Snow scares me).
We managed to still see some of the best part of the course, the Crest. Here are a few pictures from that shuttle ride down to Salida.


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