Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall (break)

I was off the bike for the entire month of September because of an injury. It was a bummer, although rest is sometimes good for the soul and body. I got to spend a lot of time focusing on different aspects of life outside of the bike.

This past week, fall break kicked in at work. I took the camera on some of the rides in the Tortolitas and 50-year trail. A few shots from the recent rides.

Mogollon Rim Day 2

Waking up to watch the sun come over the horizon is always one of my favorite parts of bikepacking. We had a tough descent down to our campsite (Day 1 on the Mogollon Rim). Some much needed rest was in order.

This tent is great for 2-3 bikepackers!

We were slow to break camp, eating and taking pictures.

A must-buy when you are bikepacking....mmmmm. This small packet tastes so good and is so easy to carry. Change out those gross GU packets for one of these next time you are riding. I promise you will love it.

When we finally packed up everything, we started off on Highline. The trail was beautiful for the first few hours.

Even an occasional technical obstacle to wake you up!

The trail, as we had been warned, quickly turned very, very difficult. It became steep in some sections...rocky in others. Trying to make this ride doable in 2 days, given our stamina, might have been a bit of a dream. I left my camera in the bag for most of the incredibly rocky sections.

It was slow moving for the rest of the day. We hoped for the best and continued on some of the most difficult sections of Highline.

At the bottom of Pine, pressed for time, we had to pull the plug to get back to the top of the Mogollon Rim. John hitched a ride to the car while I waited for him below the rim. Was it a failure? Yes, in some ways. Nobody wants to have to hitchhike back to the car, but there is the ever-looming job that always starts on Monday.

The route still needs to be completed, possibly with more time. I will post up a GPX of the route here soon for those that wish to complete the route. There are some great views to be had on the Mogollon Rim. I highly recommend finding a route that fits into your schedule and ideal bping trip.

I am looking forward to more bikepacking trips with John S.


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