Monday, February 22, 2010

AZSF 2010

The biggest mountain bike gathering in Arizona is almost here, March 10-14, 2010...shirt designs are up courtesy of David P:

Three color options available. Check out the website for ride info. Hope to see you out there.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Taking a year off from the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo seemed to coincide nicely with some recent weather. I had planned to be a cheerleader of sorts at the race, but things seemed to fall into place for another activity unrelated to the bike. Several weeks ago, I realized that I was riding my bike too much losing site of some things I used to hold dear, people and old hobbies alike.

Running was run of them (I went for a trail run today) and snowboarding was another. Diversify being on the agenda, I set out on the once forgotten passion of snowboarding.

In an attempt to rid myself of said bike craze, I opted for some mellow riding in the Kachina Peaks/Snowbowl area. Stunning views from the top, almost 12,000 feet. Can you see Bill Williams Mtn in the background?

Same spot facing north

On cue with diversify, we added a lot of hiking to snowboarding passion

and more hiking. While not "backcountry" as some do, it was a little bit out of the sem-crowded, groomed runs. Fresh powder was plentiful on some of these runs.

Aided by the lifts, we went high and rode down low.

Repeat process several times as needed.

It's hard not to be in awe of snow, especially this much.

10 day forecasts hint at snow coming to Flagstaff again....hmmmmmmmmm.

More in the Tortolitas?

Yes, there are even more things to ride in the Tortolitas, largely in part to some existing trail made by cows. Can you find the singletrack in this next photo?

If you answered yes, you are invited on the next fun ride out here.

Sutherland Wash

Another Techy Tuesday Taco Ride followed by some grub at Rubio's. Nathan, Duncan, Max and I took Catalina State Par to Sutherland Wash over to 50 Year, back to Catalina State Park, up Pumpkin and returned back on Sutherland Wash.

I had one of my best cleaning moments riding this section on Sutherland

and this section on the way back down Sutherland Wash. Sporadic yelling is common along these rides...a sure sign that someone has cleaned a new line.

Great day on the bike


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