Monday, December 01, 2008

Link dump

Dave has me thinking about buying one of these. The thought of riding north to the Salt or Gila has spurred my imagination even more. Add it to the list of bike-related things you have always dreamt of buying.

Steve is flying in town next week to ride some single track.

Talk of FW from Moab coming down to ride at KCE is floating. On the subject of Kentucky Camp Epic, it is almost full. We have around 65 participants signed up right now. Only 10 more slots left so make sure you sign up soon.

New talk of some new trail in East Mesa is out. I'd like to ride it this weekend.

AZT 300 thread has started.

Epic 6-day singletrack during Winter Break might begin here in the Tortolitas and end somewhere in Phoenix, perhaps here in the McDowells. I have a pretty good network of singletrack and canals for the trip. The theory being that you should ride the singletrack in your own area before venturing outward.

Gear is ordered and bikes will be on order soon. I hope to start collecting parts for the new bikes as soon as I can get some more money.

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