Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Salome "The Jug" Canyoneering

After the Coconino pre-ride, Kacy, Steve and I went canyoneering in the Jug, just north of Roosevelt Lake. It started raining in the morning at our campsite, mostly sprinkling here and there. We decided to ditch the trip and head home, although on our trip out of A Cross Road, the clouds began to disapper.

The canyon is more like a theme park than a technical canyon since there are a few slides and only one rap. The water was the highest I have ever seen it before. We had some fun going down a few of the slides.

A nice shot of the trail.

A shot of the canyon.


Rhino said...

Any idea how deep (on average) the pool is at the rap station. I've always rapped it, but was wondering if you could jump it. I am very hesitant to jump into lime green water

Chad said...

I have heard of people jumping into it, although I have never done it.... I am sure if you wanted to try, now would be the time. The flow rate is perfect right now :) it was gorgeous out there yesterday!


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