Friday, May 09, 2008

Is it even possible to peak in more than one sport at once?

Photo from the NY Times
There is a good article in today's NY Times about triathlons.

When you are training, said Gary S. Krahenbuhl, an exercise physiologist and emeritus professor at Arizona State University, improvement depends on physical and biochemical changes in muscle cells and in nerve-firing patterns. And those changes are very sport-specific, he added. The result, Dr. Krahenbuhl said, is that “changes that facilitate performance for one event may actually undermine performance in another event.”

and the article continues by stating that

Even body musculature can trip up triathletes. Swimmers need large muscles in their backs and shoulders. Runners and cyclists want small, light upper bodies. Cyclists need large quadriceps muscles. Runners don’t, and in fact they don’t want any extra muscle weight on their legs.

Some interesting conclusions about the ability of triathletes to perform in all three sports. I find that swimming and biking are beginning to become my favorite of the three disciplines, oddly enough. My running has been plagued for the past 2 years by an Achilles injury. The weather this early morning was great for a quick 3-mile run today. Now I am off to go swim, fix my bike, and then head up to Phoenix for my brother-in-law's ASU graduation party at 5pm. Hoping to hit up South Mountain on my way back home tomorrow early morning.


Anonymous said...

I never thought of that before! It's like your muscles are working against you. crazy. You're kind of crazy too, but way cool for doing the things you do!

Rockin' said...



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