Friday, May 16, 2008

Man vs Wild

Found this article on Man vs Wild in my morning reading. An interesting article..

“Man vs. Wild” doesn’t speak to concerns of an apocalypse; it speaks to fantasies of luxury deprivation, the same ones that drive people to high-priced fasting spas to live on the tap water they could drink at home free. Most of us won’t ever need to be vigilant about anything in Zambia, but we’d like to imagine that we could hack it for an hour or two and then order up a nice cabernet.

I find the show not only entertaining, but many times I ponder what I would do in such an emergency situation while on the bike, canyoneering or backpacking in the wild. Another show that has recently caught my attention is The Alaska Experiment on Discovery Channel. I have only seen one episode but it is intriguing.

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