Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Arizona Trail Race 300

Image from 2007 AZT 300 starters arriving after a night of heavy rain and wind at Parker

The GPX file and cue sheets for the 2008 AZT 300 are now up thanks to Scott. The stats are almost the same as last year; just a few, minor course alterations that add some new singletrack. 300 miles, w/ 40,000 feet of climbing.

I know of at least 10 people that will be at the starting line for sure, of those, 2-3 people "touring" in a 4-5 day schedule. I am going to toss myself in the category of racing again this year. If you remember from last year, I rode the race with just my camelbak and a fleece blanket. My approximate ride time last year on Friday and Saturday was 15 hours and 18 hours respectively, the two longest days on a bike that I had ever done up to the AZT 300.

Things light LED lights, space food, and electrolytes are a given, but questions still remain.... sleeping bag vs. fleece blanket or FS vs hardtail.


Chris said...

I don't know what your fleece blanket weighs but I'll have an "extra" western mountaineering highlight (35deg/16oz) that I could lend you for the race. Just let me know if you want me to pack it in the Element.

Epic Adam said...

Good luck, sounds like a ton of fun.

Darren said...

If there were a team of helmet video cams this would make a great Reality competition show, like the old Ecco Challanges in the late nineties and 00 that Mark Burnette made before survivor.

YuriB said...

I'll leave you senseless taunts in the sand to light your way.


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