Monday, April 21, 2008

600 km brevet or Xterra?

A 380-mile out and back from Casa Grande to Tombstone? Very tempting. 40 hour time limit. My AZT 300 debacle has me aching for some more miles this week, something epic. If my cheeks can heal up soon, this might be one option. It is a little early to decide what I am doing on Saturday (only day off this week), but maybe I can squeeze this one in. The only downside is the $55 entrance fee that includes bag drops and a hotel. The other option is the Xterra race at Saguaro Lake, not so epic and more expensive, but it would give me a chance to do a triathlon.

Tomorrow, Max and I are headed down to Patagonia Lake. Max will be kayaking, I'll be trying to swim behind him for at least an hour in my wetsuit. After that, I'll just relax, maybe go for a quick run around the lake. A quick day morning trip, then it is back to Tucson for work in the afternoon.


Rockin' said...

I vote the brevet.

Matt said...

Thats a well organized Brevet series. I did one in Jan 2007. The only deal though is that it is just flat, flat, flat, flat. Sort of like riding on a trainer and it was plenty boring. The one they had last weekend looked like a winner with all that climbing.

I'd vote for the xterra. As for brevets, John Mazzolas in New Mexico are pretty wild and do have elevation. or one of those should work.

chollaball said...

drop me a line if doing Saguaro Lake and you need a place to crash on Sat eve. I'll be back in town Sat aft.


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