Thursday, April 10, 2008

Decline in National Park attendance

Overall, the number of people who visit national park sites has been on a steady decline for almost 20 years — with a handful of exceptions.

Sad. Read this next one that hits at why....

We like our soft pillows and Jacuzzi baths too much, it is said. The population is aging. A study earlier this year, from the National Academy of Sciences, suggested that the downward trend included nearly all outdoor activities. They blamed it on electronic media, particularly games.
The Ghosts of Casa Grande

As a child, we vacationed in National Parks. Zion is probably one of my favorite parks; just in the last year, I have been there 3 times. It might be time to add some parks to the list of things to hit this summer on the bike.

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Cat Zavala said...

Give me a sleeping bag and tent any ol' day!...and maybe one of Chad's wild bonfires.


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