Monday, April 07, 2008


It has been too long since I rode my bike, 6 days to be exact. So I did what any sane, quiescent cyclist would do, put on the new Pearl Izumi P.R.O. shorts and went for a road ride, a 49.5-mile ride around the town of Marana. In the pack was my inhaler, a few mojo bars (this weather is making the mojo bars melt in the back of my shirt), one hammer gel, and two water bottles. At around 3 hours, I made pretty good time considering my leisurely pace.

Eastbound Union Pacific train pic for Gpa Ross

Marana agriculture

I met some tourers that are traveling to the Grand Canyon, Mike and Diana. The whole time we were talking, I was thinking that I need to do another trip like the PCH 300 last August. I ended the conversation asking them if they wanted to take a shower and/or stay at my house tonight. I wasn't surprised to hear them say they'd rather be out camping in the desert. F&% yeah is all I could think of as I rode off. A possible very long, summer ride is in the brew for me.

After the ride, I hit the hills and sand some more for some hike-a-bike training, around 4 miles. After the run, I made my last Pacific Salmon dinner for a few months (maybe more?) and then did some strength training. More news in the AZ Star about cycling, like Should cyclists have to pay insurance?...makes me think that it is another slow day in the world of news.


PirateGirl said...

Wow Chad! Here I am looking at your blog thinking "I'd love to be that fit to do the AZT300!" That seems way tougher than IM. At least after 112 miles of biking I get to stretch the legs and run the rest of the way. ;) Hopefully your asthma clears up in time for the event. Sounds like the inhaler is doing some good.

I should be seeing you at the TriSports aid station. That's a key one for me. The whole time on the run I'm going to be thinking "just get back to that aid station." All the Tucson peeps will be there. Most of the crazy gals there will be Tucson Tri Girls volunteering. You'll know I'm getting close as they'll start screaming (even more so). I'll be hugging each and everyone at that aid station when I come through! (I apologize now for the smell). ;-) Thanks for being out there for us!

PirateGirl said...

Heh...yeah. I know. Trust me, I'll be using the lake. But I don't want to have to stop much when I'm on the bike, so one more stop before I get to the bike should help. I'm not one of those triathlete types that can pee on the bike. I refuse! But I can get in and out of a porta potty in 1 minute flat. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you send a note to Gpa Ross about the train photo?


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