Monday, April 14, 2008

It was really rocky....

The crew from New Mexico summed up the SBFL.... "It was really rocky." About 60 miles with a little under 9k of climbing, and tons and tons of hike-a-bike. I managed to crank in a few minutes before Dave C and after Lynda. Lynda and I chatted and yo-yoed for about the first 35 miles, until she dropped me on Baldwin, where then I proceeded to flat (although the slime held almost to 179).

This weekend left me wondering a few things about the AZT 300, most notably, how to carry so much water given the higher temperatures that seem to be here. Additionally, the trail work on the traverse of death offers a new opportunity for a sleep-deprived cyclist to go over Lemmon w/o having to wait until daylight to ride down Oracle Ridge. All things considered, it looks like it is going to be an ideal weekend, a weekend that allows me to push my limits.

Post-SBFL, I drove down to the AZ Ironman to volunteer giving out Gatorade and water. Very encouraging. Each person that ran by was trying to finish the marathon section of the IM AZ despite the early mid-90 degree weather.

It was encouraging to ride so much this weekend.... looking forward to Friday.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Beast! Do you have plans to carry more than 2 gallons at any time?


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