Thursday, April 03, 2008

It Feels Like You Ate A Lot of Wasabi

Had to attack a runny nose today that would not stop, some tips from NPR that actually worked. Still doing some recovery from the RR. Hopeful about feeling 100% better by tomorrow for a long road ride.

Edit to post on Friday morning: Yeah, um. So that worked.....temporarily. My allergies have never been this bad, eyes are going crazy, nose is uber runny. Lynda recommended some Quercetin, so I am headed over to GNC to get some and some coffee from Coffee Point. Rationale: if you have to suffer through allergies you might as well do it with some nice coffee.

Any allergy advice is welcome and will be heeded.


Cat Zavala said...

Two different people told Max to do the same thing. He hasn't tried it yet; maybe because we dont have a pot. Glad it worked for you.

Cat Zavala said...

I dont know how...but now I have your guy's damn cold. I had to miss half of a work day.


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