Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Samaniego Trail Work

In cooperation with the Forest Service, Louis planned a trail day on Samaniego Trail. The plan was to strap on all the equipment to the bikes, ride down the roughly 4 miles, 1500k of descent to the that work site, work for about 4 hours, and then ride back up.

I had only ridden this trail once before, and that seemed like a failure. The brier patches along with a "trail" took my rear derailleur and hanger with it.

Evan with the Wilderness of Rocks in the background.

Zach had a flat tire about midway down. The rest of the group pushed on as Zach and repaired his tire. I got a few shots of him flowing down the mountain to catch up with the others.

We began the work about 45 minutes after we had left the Meadows parking lot.

Ty sharpening his machete. 8 of us worked, generally in groups of two on different sections of the trail. We had a pretty good system going.

Excellent work. I can't wait to ride from my house Lemmon Trails (Prison, Bigelow, Secret, 1918, Sunset) and down Samaniego, to Cherry Tank, Upper 50, and over to Catalina State Park and back to my house!

On the way back up, we had the opportunity of watching nature in some brilliant ways, like this rain and dust storm in Tucson.

Here is the Fire Lookout station near Meadows with the Bigelow Towers in the background.

The next day, Benji and I rode Lemmon again.

Having climbed out of Samaniego the day before, my legs were a bit sore We managed to find a small section of trail off of 1918, that allows a near pavement-free loop from Bigelow. Not really sure of the name of the short hollow which the trail spirals through, we decided to put the name "Apple Hollow" (I had an apple as we rested on the trail).

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