Friday, October 29, 2010


A few thoughts on cleaning technical trails that I have noticed in the past few weeks of riding.

First, I have noticed that sessioning these trails is key (an obvious statement for most of us). During the do-overs, I found it really necessary to be honest with myself. Sometimes I try to say to myself, "Oh, I missed it this ride, but yesterday I nailed it" and simply move on. Be honest with yourself. If you have the time, make sure to get it right. Starting down the trail might even put the trail in perspective, instead of "cheating" and starting closer to the difficult section. This is often the case for trails loaded with switchbacks.

Photo by Scott Morris

Next, it might be helpful to leave yourself a reminder on some sections that you have not cleaned. I have a trail close to my work that is loaded with technical moves, switchbacks and waterbars. So much, in fact, that I start to even question what I have/haven't cleaned. I started to leave a few reminders in the form of rocks (they even taunt me at times) near the uncleanable sections.

Finally, I have found rocking to music really helps. It's hard to get pumped while riding in granny gear sometimes at .5 mph. The added music does wonders for me, especially if I go semi-exhausted after a long day at work.

And about the shouts and screams that you impulsively do after you clean that impossible section, well, don't you love doing it?

Do you have any other suggestions, things you do to help you improve? Improving...that really is the key.


Anonymous said...

I've found that some music will always make me perform better....and some music will just mellow me out and I'll never clean anything...things that I'e always cleaned. For much as I like Phish....I can't listen to it at all while just mellows me out too much. In contrast....bluegrass always gets me going...something about the fast mandolin picking that makes me beat a half beat with my revs and not wanting to get out of synch keeps me up. YMMV.

Chad said...

Music is not all created equally, great point. Finding your style is salient to this tech riding cause.

JenyJo said...

music wise: classical music seems to get my techy spirits high and ON. i have many theories why this might be.

one thing that definitely gets me clearing more than not, oddly, is just slowing down and "letting go"... i know -- opposite of what i/one might thing. when i get all agro -- i tend to just blow lines over and over and over. when i sit back, and LET it happen, it all just sort of clicks.

i'm ALL for the impulsive hoot, holler and yeehhhaaawwww after cleaning sections!!! so much so that i think i scare others away! lol...

i think i need to come down to az for a lesson or two with you and scotty....



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