Friday, October 08, 2010


A sure sign that fall is officially here in Tucson is when you can begin to start riding late in the morning. Today, I woke up at around 8:30, enjoyed some coffee and began to get my bike gear ready. For the past few weeks, I have been curious to see how the trails over in the Tortolitas have held up to the recent rains.

Why the Tortolitas? Well, I consider myself an expert on neglected trails. Silly as it may sound, I get delight in solitude. Also by definition, these neglected trails are inherently harder. A good day is when you ride a rugged trail, sessioning those hard sections, sweat is dripping down faster that your pedal stroke and (above all) you have the trail to yourself.

Not a soul in sight for today's 2-hour spin...


I went up Wild Mustang to Upper Javelina. Any golfers recognize that green down there?

I took the snap a picture as you ride trick from JennyJo. She seems to be the master of doing this on her technical rides.

Yeah, to be honest, I am not very good at this. Maybe I should have brought a tripod.

This is one of the hardest sections of the climb. I tried it several times without success. Perhaps another day.

Here is the same climb taken in the previous picture, only opposite view. Do you see a rideable line in there somehwere?

The legendary Alamo Trail and the Catalinas in the background.

And, of course, some B-lines that help you in some tight sections.

It appears I may need to work on my solo, technical picture taking skills. They seem less than perfect.


JenyJo said...

criminy that looks like a ton of fun!!!

nice shots ;-)

if you take scotty-boy with ya, he can take pix of you ;-)


more please.


borderlander said...

How do you like the Rampage in the back?
I greatly appreciated this monsoon season as my local/regular ride caught 25" of rain. Every day the line was rougher and what it lacked in flow it made up for in new challenges to be met.

Chad said...

The rampages are okay, they seem to last a long time (4-6 months). I have one more left before I start searching for different tires (front and rear).


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