Friday, October 08, 2010

Never get old

Ty and I had the perfect pace for yesterday's ride on Lemmon. We went up Bigelow and over to secret.

Some maintenance on the trail was in order. The large, unrideable log is now a fun up-and-over and there are a few water channels to help with some of the erosion this trail has seen in the recent monsoon storms.

We tried to only continue when everything was cleaned. A pretty daunting task at times.

Photo by Ty Brookhart

Photo by Ty Brookhart

Photo by Ty Brookhart

There were, of course, a few sections that we could not (ever?) clean.

On Sunset, we managed to clean this section but the next lip in the background denied us each time. Perhaps next time.

Amazing crepes, with less than enthusiastic service...Planet of the Crepes.

Roasted duck, arugula, havarti and olive, it was superb.

Retracing our steps back up Sunset was a delight.

The front view of Secret's new up-and-over.

then down to the car by way of Bigelow.

This ride will never get old. My legs hurt this morning. Time for a quick recovery spin.

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