Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Lemmon

A few weeks ago (very late posting), we headed up from Molino Basin to ride up the following trails: Prison, Bugs, Bigelow, Secret, 1918, Sunset. Then to go down, 1918, Secret, Bigelow, Bugs and Prison. Arguably one of the best rides in Tucson.

David, ScottM, Benji and Campy showed up for the climb up Bugs

and climb we did.

This was Dave's birthday ride! Congrats Dave!

Benji and I continued on as the others headed back.

Recognize that guy? Max is working up the Mt Lemmon General Store. Sweet shirt, eh? Next time you are up on Lemmon, stop in to say hello.

We headed down Bigelow

only to push our bikes up Bug Springs. Benji summed up Bug Springs, "the quality of living for every mountain biker in Tucson has increased since the building of bugs."

It's easy to see why.


One Loose Crank said...

Damn it... even looking at the sunshine in those photos makes me feel better. We are expecting to be overcast until next summer now.

Anonymous said...

As soon as the temps drop and I have a place to stash the shaggin waggin with my dogs in humane temps and shade....I'll join you for one of these rides!!!

chriscampen said...

The positive thing about being slow, you always get yourself in the picture =)

Always nice riding with you, i get better and better every time figuring out the right lines going up.

Chad said...

Come out to a Tuesday Techy ride soon...you'll love it!


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