Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wild Mustang II

The crew is out doing the Coconino Loop Race right now. Some 10+ riders showed up for this year's stage race. Matthew Lee is knocking on the my record at the moment. He has been and is a little under 2 hours below the current record. Check out his setup he is racing with here. I also got a call from Scott. Seems as though Mr. Lee only got about 3-4 hours of sleep before starting the Coconino. I'd love to see him turn on the burners right now (he is currently in Williams at the time of this post).

I am enjoying some technical rides all this week instead of doing the Coconino. I convinced Chris C. to take a tour of the Tortolitas with me. Having just ridden here on Friday, some of the lines were still fresh in my head.

Wild Mustang is sort of like riding up Bug Springs, only longer and more technical. It's probably a 95:5 ride:hike ratio.

Photo by Chris C

As with any ride I lead, a few mandatory hike-a-bikes. Chris was thoroughly impressed with the trail.

A second later and you would have been able to see Chris a little better.

You can see why...the views are amazing as you begin to climb to ~1500 feet above Tucson.

Toward the end, I pulled a do-over on a technical section. I nailed my sidewall and stan's began squirting out. No dirt or duct tape would helps this one. I was surprised how long it stayed on. After putting a regular tube in the tire, it quickly had a small leak.

I limped back down some of the trail, unable to really ride most of the Upper Wild Burro (near the overlook). This is the section that screams technical!

I am hoping to maybe do a monthly ride out here, should timing permit in the next few months. Anyone interested? This could be your tour guide....

Photo by Chris C


MTBikeAZ said...

Very interested. I'll be out there soon, via either a personal tour from you or following your tracks on a solo run. If you make it a regular, I should be able to plan on one of the days.

Chad said...

Sweet..I'll keep you posted via the blog. I'd love to do a Windgate ride with you :) up and up and up!

chriscampen said...

thanks for posting the pics. Cant wait to get back out there.

ScottM said...

Whaddya mean you were doing technical rides *instead* of the Coconino? Each day is a technical ride... remember?

ITT on that route is for the birds. It was mean to be ridden AT SPEED.

Great shots of the torts. Gotta get out there soon.


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