Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Apache Enduro 200

A few pictures from my attempt at bikepacking the first ever Apache Enduro 200.

A few things happened. First, I had some saddle sore issues. I waited from Troy near Greer to get some chamois butter. That seemed to have fixed the problem, but not before I came up against the wall. Not sure how to explain it but after riding a little under 100 miles, I was ready to just be done. Lame, I know. But if you are not into the race and time is not on your side, better to jump out.

Lessons learned: bring more equipment and have a back-up plan for touring should your race-pace begin to grind to a hault.


Dave Harris said...

The most concise account of a multi-day race I've ever seen. There is something to be said for brevity ;)

What did you think of the route? Did it fire you up for a potential future assault?

I'm not entirely sure you ever recovered from your amazing Coco ride.

I've had a similar learning experience this year, to whit: the most appropriate goal for a multi-day is to finish. If you set out to take it by storm, and then don't, there is nothing left to keep you going. Setting the "finish" as goal #1 sets a mindset entirely different than a "racing" or time goal. In the end it doesn't slow me down either.

Chad said...

Finishing is the key. Providing yourself enough time to finish in the event of a touring pace would be nice. I failed to do both, but they are essentially related. Although that was not the only cause.

I enjoyed the route, and perhaps I will do it again. I would like to see a little more ST on the route. There were some "chadisms" on the route that really were interesting.

Darren Moloney said...

Hi Chad
Love the photography, some of the places you and Scott ride your bikes across are stunning. Keep up the good work (I only get to ride muddy hills in the UK - especially with the summer we've had here).



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