Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Dave has a sweet design for a bike t-shirt, check out them out here. Not only will I be sporting one soon, I plan on buying more in the future. One can never have enough bike t-shirts.

I heard some interesting facts on the Pentagon with gas prices today on NPR.

Lt. Col. Brian Maka puts the Pentagon's fuel expenses in perspective. "Generally, a $1 increase in the price of a barrel of oil on the open market translates into an increase for the whole department of $130 million," Maka says.

Over the last six months, oil prices have increased by roughly $50 a barrel. That translates into a huge spending increase.

More reason why we should be driving this around town. It looks like a bike can fit in the trunk.

Finally, it is time to buy a new saddle. Going on some suggestions from Dave C., I hope to have a new saddle in the next few weeks. Some other future purchases in the bike department now that money is flowing in: customized tubeless wheels and overnight bags.


Anonymous said...

woah! That car/thing is insane looking!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Dave & Yumi (of da Idyllwild) getting their shirts out there. They've been making our shirts for a while now & it's been great to see their biz grow.


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