Thursday, July 17, 2008

Machetes and knee warmers?

Mt Lemmon is the mecca of mountain biking in the summer months in southern Arizona. During the past few months, I have ridden on it continuously on the front side. The front side is like the crown jewel of the entire mountain, technical single track and paved rides abound. The backside remains mostly a mystery for me, its trails are said to be overgrown with cat claw, brier patches, and downed trees.

Frankly, I know very little of the condition of some of the trails on the backside. My only sources are Louis and Scott, and their reports are from almost 1/2 year ago on Sammy. I rode Oracle Ridge and the Traverse of Death in February and recently I went down to the Sammy and CDO intersection of the Meadow Trail a few weeks ago.

Enter the proposed routes: Meadows-CDO-CDO east-Red-Danny-Control Rd or Meadows-Sammy-CDO/CDO east-Red-Danny-Control

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