Friday, July 04, 2008

Col du Lemmon: Climb or Die

After multiple failed, solo attempts at climbing Mt Lemmon via singletrack from Tucson, Scott M and I finally succeeded last Friday after a little less than 9 hours. We started from the bottom of Catalina Highway at 4am, before beginning the long trek up La Milagrosa. Humidity and nerves were high during the first half of the route, but both quickly began to fade once we completed Green Mountain, the 2nd hardest section of the route.

The route consists of approximately 90% uber technical singletrack, more than 12,000 feet of climbing and multiple road crossings that scream bailout, bailout, along with the tradition of drinking a mandatory tall boy Coors Lt before making the final push to Aspen Draw. Cameras were not taken on the route in order to preserve our secret formula for riding up such technical trails (that and my camera is still "drying out" from a canyoneering trips two months ago and Scott forgot his in the car).

Miles: 30.27
Elevation gained: 12,506
Some of the trails climbed during the adventure: La Milagrosa, Sunset, Bear Wallow, Aspen Draw, Secret, Bigelow, Butterfly, Prison, Molino, Bugs, and Green
Average speed: 3.8 miles
Moving time: 8:40:27


Dave said...

Hell yes!

Cat Greene said...

Would you like some pics of part deux?

YuriB said...

have you seen mista brow?
Nicely done! You hear from SC yet?


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