Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ice Cream or bicycles?

I got tagged from Nathan for this bike survey....

If you could have any one — and only one — bike in the world, what would it be?
My two dream bikes are a Lenz Leviathan or Mooto-X YBB with dropouts, i have the former and now content with not every really buying the later. My next bike most likely will be a Siren singlespeed 29er.

Do you already have that coveted dream bike? If so, is it everything you hoped it would be? If not, are you working toward getting it? If you’re not working toward getting it, why not?

Yes, it is everything and more.

If you had to choose one — and only one — bike route to do every day for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
The Arizona Trail end-to-end would be a great route to ride continuously. I ride some of the AZT on a weekly basis. A quick recap of the history that this trail and I have: 2 DNFs on the AZT 300 and another during the Kaibab Monstercross. The only two races that I have ever DNFed in AZ were on the Arizona Trail. I plan on riding a time trial on the route someday, if not this fall then later in the Spring.

Also, any route on the Adventure Cycling website would be tons of fun.

What kind of sick person would force another person to ride one and only one bike ride for the rest of her / his life?
Sick, that is not sick. Sick, by definition, is attempting a race like the GDR, CTR, or AZT 300.

Do you ride both road and mountain bikes? If both, which do you prefer and why? If only one or the other, why are you so narrowminded?
I prefer mountain although I do ride the road bike throughout the year. The mountain bike allows me to see the outdoors and go over obstacles. It is basically like a downsized monster truck for me.

Have you ever ridden a recumbent? If so, why? If not, describe the circumstances under which you would ride a recumbent.

Have you ever raced a triathlon? If so, have you also ever tried strangling yourself with dental floss?
Yes, I am in fact a triathlete. I came into the sport of mountain biking as a runner, a damn good runner before I got injured. After the injury, I picked up mountain biking while living in Mexico. It only seemed natural to add swimming. I like doing triathlons since it allows me to switch up my weekly routine. Anyone that thinks they have what it takes to do a triathlon should do this in La Jolla on September 7th.

Suppose you were forced to either give up ice cream or bicycles for the rest of your life. Which would you give up, and why?
That is easy, ice cream. I never eat it.

What is a question you think this questionnaire should have asked, but has not? Also, answer it.
What is your favorite color on a bike? Can you post a picture of the color?

You’re riding your bike in the wilderness (if you’re a roadie, you’re on a road, but otherwise the surroundings are quite wilderness-like) and you see a bear. The bear sees you. What do you do?
The situation is a little vague. Assuming it is far enough off the trail, I would try to slowly ride by it. Otherwise, I would be very cautious in retracing my steps back if it was on the single track.

Now, tag three biking bloggers. List them below.

Dave S

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