Wednesday, July 16, 2008


430 am in Tucson

Instead of driving to the base of Mt Lemmon and riding up, I opted a nice ride in the Foothills. I was curious how much climbing my 40-mile hill route had, so I took the GPS with me this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see some good climbing and nice grades, the highest being 18%. I skipped the morning coffee run in favor of a recovery milkshake, and breakfast, carrot juice and tea a bit later. The profile below shows the elevation/distance, the shaded colors correspond to speed, blue-green-yellow-red is 5-10-15-20 mph respectively (approx.).

Miles: 41.18
Climbing: 3319ft
Average Speed: 15.4 mph

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

18%? Holy cow! Isn't the back side of Gates Pass like 14%? I couldn't imagine riding anything steeper than that.


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