Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 hours in the saddle

Road the road bike to my mom's house for some coffee and oatmeal (mmmmm...yummy, thanks again mom!) before heading out to Picacho Peak to check out the wild flowers that are blooming.

On the way back... the best flowers were not at Picacho but rather on the frontage road

The ride today was uber flat.
I need a cross bike.... this would be a great place to make a big loop, possibly even down to Reddington and back around to Tucson. This was off the frontage road, so I thought I would got take a look at the mileage.
And finally, the CAP, future home of the longest canal race in the world. The only question is how do we jump all those fences and go around the pump houses? Yuri, do you have any ideas?

A little bit more traffic on the frontage road, more than I had hoped for. I might have to start looking for another flat, recovery ride in the area.
Mileage: 73.8 miles


YuriB said...

We need temp CAP security jobs.
That or we gotta be able ride like the wind and carry tin snips.
The thought has crossed my mind...
Maybe we just ask. "Can a bunch of skinny dudes race along the canal and create an awesome course?" Maybe they can work it in as a security test scenario.

chollaball said...

hee, i saw a border of purple next to the edge of the bikelane on the roadie the other day. Not the same as on the mtb, bug sure makes the road purtier!!


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