Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Full Moon Mtn Biking- No Lights

Louis and I went out to 50-year trail for another night of mountain biking without any lights. I managed to clip a cholla cactus, scoring about 5 big pieces in my leg. It was not very painful, but it did waste about 15 minutes of the ride and later resulted in a flat tire.


Cat Greene said...

so, I took my eyeballs out and read your blog,"...and later resulted in a fat tire." I was like, duh, you lush, of course you had a fat tire.
And then I put my glasses on.
You are still a lush. :)

Darren said...

Well at least the cacti have gotten you as well a native. The weather here has been up and down. I have been suffering from Jet lag. Mountain bike still needs to get built back up. Funny though the road bike felt so funny when I road it to work, after riding a mountain bike for 7 days straight.


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