Sunday, March 02, 2008

Prescott Loop

The loop consisted of riding up 305, before continuing on some forest roads to connect trails over near Thumb Butte, before dropping back down to Prescott. The ride took about 6 hours, although it seemed shorter. Best part of the post-ride recovery was the amazing Thai food and cleaning the bike with a beer in my hand.

A nice write-up from Dave's blog about the ride. Matt, I hope to see you on the bike soon, possibly up in Utah during late April. Dave, thanks again for letting me crash at your house, you and M are so hospitable.

Dave, the black and white version, just a little after Matt fell. We sure missed him for the rest of the ride.

Slowly making our way down the snowy forest road

Dave, the Karate Monkey and the Rocky Mtn Vertex
Prescott in the background, riding in the "snow" is sooooo much fun!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Thanks amigo. Finger count is now up to four after seeing specialist. Hope to be on the trainer soon though.



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