Sunday, March 23, 2008

National C2C2C

According to the GPS, a National Coast-2-Coast-2-Coast ride is comparable to the hitting Lemmon up via Milagrosa-Molino-Bugs. I am not sure how these two rides compare, but some of the stats below might give you an idea. Honestly, I think I can ride more on Lemmon than I can from San Juan to Pima Canyon. I barely brought enough water, something that I still have to look into for the Rim Ride this next weekend. I have also decided that nothing beats a baggle on the trail, no amount of Clif Shot Blocks or Hammer Gel, nothing. Pack one as needed for any ride.

Here is a nice shot a little before the Bajada/National intersection on my way back to the Pima Canyon TH.

Moving time: 5:23 hours
6762 feet of up in 29.54 miles
Average speed was 5.5 mph

Looking southwest on National

Resting at San Juan in the mid 80-degree weather
Looking south on National

Crux of the ride: There are some pretty long hike-a-bikes, but if you like trying to hop up different levels of stairs, you'll love this ride. I had a blast out there, minus the heat. No flats, a few hikers past BV, but other than that, it was just me and the singletrack.

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YuriB said...

A true C2C2C?
En fuego!
Doing the AZT300?


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