Sunday, March 16, 2008

SBFL and Rim Ride

My wool Rivendale jersey (present from Mr. Handy) came in the mail while I was up north forAZSF! Thanks to Dave C's Rim Ride talk with the map this week, I understand a few of the missing areas on my older Moab Classic Map (pictured in back of the shirt along with the Sedona version that I bought on Saturday in Sedona)

The next few weeks are going to continue to be very busy, both on and off the bike. The Sedona Big Friggin Loop GPX file needs to be finalized and the Rim Ride is coming up. I pulled both Classic Maps out today to highlight some of the route in a sharpie and look on motion based for some possible GPX files to help me out. I got most of the route layed out on the map for the RR, nevertheless, I think a few files on the GPS will help me barrel down some sections more comfortable of where I am going. Not sure if I will stitch the routes together, probably not.

I am trying to figure out when I will have time to pre-ride the SBFL, I might have to do it during the Sedona Circ. Also, I have been debating about adding more mileage/climbing (up near Munds, off a jeep road that would add some very fast singletrack) to the already difficult ride.

Resting most of the day and doing errands til I go to work, prepping for a possible weekend up in Havasu for the oly triathlon.

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