Tuesday, March 25, 2008

La Ride del Rim

The Rim Ride.... view thanks to Adam's TOPO file converted to GPX for Topofusion above. Leaving early morning to Moab, Utah for the weekend with Dave and Max. Crashing at Fred's house on Friday and riding the 92-mile Rim Ride on Saturday.

Maybe some "canyoneering" on Sunday, Dave?

Word on the street is that 170-200 ounces are going to be perfect for the ride; some of the sand is nice right now also. Got my bike dialed in last night with some more cages, GPS, and Minewt. Went for a quick 1 hour ride around the urban assault course for some "slickrock" and sandy sections (I hear they have an abundance of both where I'm headed).

Two more bottle cages for my pimped out ride

Packing list:
extra batteries
MiNewt battery/light
4k in calories (Bagel w/ the works, Gels, Clif Blocks, Endurolytes, etc)
200 ounces of water/ELETE water/iodine tablets
First Aid Kit
2 spare tires/patch kit/pump
Sunscreen/SPF chapstick


Dave said...

We could do that! Is Max afraid of heights?

Cat Greene said...

Dang, did you make sure you can still shift with all those zip ties?

Matt said...

Good luck amigo....

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great ride. When I was reading the writeup I was thinking of the rim ride the 3 of us looked down upon last year during spring break. But that was in Canyonlands, and it might be called the White Rim route? Any idea how the two compare? I'm sure you've still got that in the list of things to do someday. Cheers - Steve N

Chad said...

Doing the white rim on May 2nd or 3rd... i can let you know then :)


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