Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Green Mountain to Prison Camp

This is by far the best shuttle run in all of Arizona, Green-Bugs-Prison (shown on profile) but then to-Molino-Milagrosa to top it all off (done a few weeks ago). The new trail work on Bugs is sick, some of the best singletrack in Arizona and the combination of all 4 trails might just be the best trail in Arizona, descending or ascending. Yes, you read that right, the best trail in all of Arizona.

Climbing up Bugs from the highway is the steepest trail in Arizona that I have ridden on and the water bars only make it harder to clean the entire thing.

The stats:
5407 feet of descending in 11 miles (Green-Prison Camp)
total mileage to car at Le Buzz: 22 miles
fastest speed on trail: 24 mph
Flat tires: 0
Biggest uphill grade: 14% (oddly enough, that does not beat the 15% grade of climb or die)

Bugs slick rock

Hoodoo after the slick rock
Two shots of Max on the fastest section of the trail


ScottM said...

"This is by far the best shuttle run in all of Arizona"

A bold claim, Mr. well experienced shuttle monkey.

I'm just jealous. Have a blast with the fling. I should be back in action soon.

Matt said...

Damn....nice stuff there. I'm jealous!


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