Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Base Training

After a few weeks working on the tri training plan, I think I nailed it down finally. For example, today, I will be doing 75 minutes in the pool 15-20 x 100 meters, 20 second rests, laps being 1-2 seconds below my 1500 meter time (all this morning), 105 minutes of aerobic riding on the mtn bike, and 60 minutes of strengthening (12-15 reps) in the evening after work. No running today as I did 1hour yesterday.

First tri/duathlon is the 24th of February.

Desert Classic Duathlon
Run 3.5 miles - smooth desert trail
Bike 21 miles - road bike course
Run 2.7 miles - to the finish

1 comment:

Wrenchette said...

My training is inspiring? You're a freaking endurance god! So I take that as a compliment. :)

Good luck in 24HOP! I'll be there on a team with some friends. So if I see a guy in a TriSports outfit I'll say hi. I think that will probably be you. ;)


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