Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mmmmm..... Hammer Gel

A view of yesterday's ride
I hit the mtn bike today for a 2 hour easy ride in my suburban loop. I have to admit that I have grown fond of hammer gel lately, the stuff seems to propel me farther than other stuff I used to eat (clif, granola bars, etc). I usually roll with a banana and a few hammer gels, along with Nuun in the water bottle since it has been a little hotter the past few days. It was a brick day today, so I immediately ran for 30 minutes right as I finished the bike.

Did some weightlifting early this morning, saw my Dad pumping iron also before he was going to work. The man can sure lift, I always feel like I am not holding my weight when I see him start doing should shrugs with tons of weight.

The 24 hour race was in the AZ Daily Star today. Good read. I have to buy some more biking shorts, some reflective tape, and some Gold Bond before the big day this Saturday. Everything else is slowly coming together, now the only question I have to ask myself is can I ride 24 hours?


Matt Hart said...

yep.. drop one tablet of nuun in a bike bottle and go!.. it's super easy. great blog - i'll be looking for your 24hrs of old pueblo results! i was there with nuun last year - it's a great race. todd the rd is a good dood!

have fun!

Rockin' said...

Now all you need are some chips to smear it over.

You going to be able to head up end of April for our great explorations?

Chad said...

Nuun is a charm.

Rockin'-- I already have the vacation requested off from work, so its a duun deal!

Dave said...

Dude, you can ride for 24 hours easy, if you would REST! STOP RIDING, fer fecks sake!!!!

16 laps for you, minimum.


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