Monday, February 18, 2008

24 HOP Results

The unofficial results have been posted for the men's solo. I managed to crank out 13 laps for 7th place, mostly with the help of my amazing pit crew (Stephanie especially, but Brett, Max, Kevin and Cat also) and friends/family watching the live results online. Thanks to everyone for my 1st successful 24 hour solo race.

I did succumb to sleeping at 430am after finishing lap 10, party due to a cough (that I still have). I slept for about an hour and coughed up mucus for another hour before mustering up courage to get back on the bike for another 3 laps. I rolled in at about 11:50am, 10 minutes before the cut off and opted to call it a day instead of doing one more lap. It was great riding with everyone that came out, Brett, Jeff, Max, Toby, Kevin, and Mike.

Things I learned from my first solo 24 race:
  • Buy new shorts, my new Pearl Ultra Sensors were amazing, I did not wear chamosis (nor have I ever) and walked away with no butt problems after 22 hours in the saddle. Using the paper race bib for toilet paper works when you have to go in the middle of the course
  • Drink coffee early and often, I only had one cup of it in the morning... I needed to drink more
  • Find support. Pit crews are priceless. Friends and family online, anything to keep you going. Tell them your lofty goal so you are accountable to walk the talk
  • Carry some quick links with you so when you chain breaks, you do not have to limp back to camp
  • Cliff shot blocks are the key to nutrition. In an earlier post, I toted the love of Hammer Gel, nothing is further from the truth when doing a 24 hour race. Shot blocks are oh so yummy and are square gummy works, plus they are easier to eat and the wrapper is not all gross when you put it in your back pocket. I must have ate about 15 packets of shot blocks.
  • Eat plenty of Spam. One of the most classic memories was riding by Lee every night lap. He was on the side of the trail with a campfire, cooking Spam and handing it out to fatigued riders like myself from a stick. He is one hellova guy for being out there with weather in the 20s..
  • Changing gloves, shorts, jerseys, shoes is not necessary, just do what you do best... ride and ride. I rode 200+ miles with the same everything, just had to change my bike since my full suspension's chain broke and lights/batteries
  • You cannot drink beer after you ride 200 miles if you are sick, you have to suck on melted, old cough drops that have been in Max's truck for weeks


Rockin' said...

Congrats on the first 24.

Lap times look pretty consistent (up until nap time).

Wrenchette said...

Awesome, awesome job Chad! Especially being sick and all. I think I saw you in the timing tent briefly as you flew out for another lap. Sounds like you have some good lessons learned. Congrats on your first 24 hr solo! :)

Matt said...

Congrats amigo! Sounds like you ripped it up pretty - taking 7th place - AND - getting an hours nap -AND - breaking a chain. Holy cow, you mjst have been flying.

Oh...I did my first 24hour last year at Gunnison and you are right about the beer the Sunday after. But shoot I downed a case the following week and wasn't the slightest bit ashamed. ;-)

Chad said...

Thanks everyone. I am still battling a bit of a cold in my lungs, so no beer yet... but I do plan on catching up soon.


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