Friday, February 15, 2008

24 Hour Race in the Old Pueblo

Picture from Tom, my neighbor at 24 Town this weekend

It is raining here in Tucson today and I have still not had a chance to fully pack my gear and go set up camp for tomorrow's race. My solo effort will start at (enter western music) high noon on Saturday and end at high noon on Sunday. The plan is to ride the entire time. This roughly equals around 200+ miles, assuming I can stay at roughly the same pace.

For those making it out, here is a link of the map.

We will be camped on Granite Constuction Rd, close to the big rock drop that everyone rides down. As you start to make the turn right, we are on the left side of the road. Look for my benz if you plan on going out. If you do come out, they usually charge $5 or canned food for parking (since it is on AZ Trust Land).

Any friends and family that are out-of-state, you can check up on race results by going here. Knowing that a few of you out there in cyberspace are watching the results or dreaming of watching me at 3am when I want to go to bed might help me to do one more lap until the sun comes up.

I am finishing packing and repacking things today, a few of the items:
  • 4 Red Bulls
  • 4 Double Espresso Shots
  • Coffee
  • Bags of fruit
  • Enough hammer gel/HEED to live on the Space Station for 3 weeks
  • Camping gear
  • 6 pack of 1554 and 3 large Trader Joe's Vintage Ale 1.5 pints
  • New Ultra Sensor bibs (Cat hooked me up down at Performance with a huge discount)
  • Warm clothes and more warm clothes, booties
  • Rain clothes
  • Picture of Lance to tape on my tent/bed as a reminder not to stop until its over or I collapse.

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