Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Long days in the saddle tend to force me to eat a large amount of food, more than the average person. I am still trying to understand my eating habits more, what I need more of, less of, etc... So I took the first logical step in writing down what I ate today (friendly reminder, if it is free, it is for me is my motto):

Breakfast 1
cereal and soy milk
cup of OJ
Breakfast 2
3 eggs
2 wheat English muffins
pb bar
Lunch 1
Chipolte Chicken/Guac Burrito
cup of cranberry juice
4 oz chicken breast
1/3 of Pei Wei's chicken and rice (free from friend's leftovers)
cup of OJ
Dinner 1
3 chicken wings and 4 oz of New York Strip (free)
1/2 potato, plain (free)
Dinner 2
Spinach salad, tomato, feta, and cilantro dressing
blueberry juice and some red wine

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Anonymous said...

what? No shot bloks?!


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