Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Weekly Urban Ride

This got me thinking that it is time to do a weekly urban ride and invite the masses (aka Eric and Max/Max and anyone else on the NW side). A quick summary of the route:

There are a few sections that we ride up a wash, here is a concrete wash that is near The Bluffs.

Tunnel Some doubletrack that is on the loop. There is about 100 feet of road (we cross the road a few times and that is it, the rest is either double/single track)

Stairway to single trackThis is almost near the end, perfect day on the bike followed by one of the best places for sunsets.
So there it is, every Wednesday, meet at Shannon and Ina at 415pm. Bring lights just in case. This is in addition to the 50-year Trail ride on Tuesday that is happening on Oracle/Ina or Oracle/Linda Vista (that is where I leave from at 4pm).

I was pondering some more after I saw this. I had originally planned on touring some of the US this summer on a bike, but the 15.2 pesos to 1 USD has me looking south for a possible trip. I'd miss out on some great singletrack riding in exchange for some adventure. What would you do, ride in the US or venture south?

Speaking Spanish is a bonus, plus I would get to practice a little bit with mis cuates y compadres. In case you were wondering: Tucson to Guatemala is roughly 1,886 miles (if this is going to go down, Guatemala is a must visit for the trip). Here are some maps of the singletrack in Mexico.

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