Sunday, March 01, 2009

Some random notes and links

If you have not seen Nathan's pictures from Indy yet, make sure to check to them out. Another link you are going to want to check out in the next few days, the IditaBike that begins today at 2:00pm. Have you seen the new bikes at Sendero Cycles? A smoking deal for $1300. For those looking for new music on the bike, U2 just came out with their new album. A guaranteed hit.

Finally, a few words about the 24 HOP. I am grateful to the guys at Siren for loaning me Matt's Trauco. I had a bolt crank arm come completely off during a lap, and these guys hooked me up with a superbly, fast ride. Make sure to check out their line up now that they are in Tucson. Thank you gents. Support was another thing, thank you Kendall, Max and Co.

Enter shirt pitch again: tomorrow is the last day to order one, I am going to have a few extras on order, so let me know if you want one. They are a great design this year.

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