Monday, March 16, 2009

AZT Touring

Max and I headed out for a tour of the AZT south of Tucson at 6:00am on Saturday. We both rode from our houses out toward Pistol Hill, re-tracing the same route as the AZT 300. We also did a quick Starbucks run on Broadway before leaving civilization for the last time.

The route has a few sections of dirt roads before hitting the AZT near Pistol Hill.

The first section of singletrack with the Rincons in the background.

Where's Waldo?

We saw tons of mtbers out riding this corridor, Beto, Mark and Gabe from SV and Rob and TimM from Tucson.

Rain, really? I brought my rain jacket but Max only had a lightweight jacket. It sprinkled for about 30 minutes before stopping. Then the wind picked up as we rode the short section of highway.
Some great sections of trail north of Box Canyon. The trail has seen some recent work along with markers (red/white) to help guide the route. This is the section that racers of the AZT will be riding at night, such a shame as it is one of the best parts. Here is just a sample of the singletrack goodness.

A new gate, yeah! The bike setup, a very comfortable yet heavy touring trip.

Sunrise to sunset, isn't that how we dream of riding our bike?

Max and I camped at KC for a bit of the night. Brrrrrr.... it was a little chilly out of the sleeping bag.

108 miles one-way during the first 14 hours of the blissful ride. Then repeat to get home.

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