Sunday, March 29, 2009

Results for SBFL '09

Check out the results here. I managed to take a few pictures during the ride, this one was taken from the Damifino Saddle.

My plan for the race was simple: just ride as if I was riding on the AZT, slow and steady. After Airport Loop, I never saw another racer heading my direction. A solo, 60-mile ride in Sedona on the semi-new rig was the perfect training grounds for my start of the AZT this weekend. I managed to squeeze out the race in an hour quicker than last year (having done the Gallup Dusk to Dawn the night before last year was the main culprit for the slower time).

The bike performed perfectly. Only one flat tire, a small tear on the sidewall that happened going down the switchbacks from Cathedral Rock.

A few questions about the ride this weekend still plague me, the biggest of course is going to be what gearing I will be riding. Another is what Carousel Bags I will be using, the seat post bag is a go for sure, but I am not sure if I will be doing the frame or handlebar bag. I hope to have a few pictures of my final gear choices by the end of the week. Tentative departure date is on Saturday.

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