Sunday, January 20, 2008

SSAZ 2008

Hands were hurting a little after descending La Milagrosa, but besides that, the ride went very well. I met few ss'ers on the way up and at the aid station. This race was a c-race, mostly just wanted to get out and have some fun with some ss'ers. I was a little surprised in my legs while descending Bellota, not sure if it was the weight training this week, but they were a little sore.

APC and the Quad are next week, two rides I have been dreaming about for months now. I had some nice conversations along the way, including Rudi, who gave me some great insight about endurance cycling. Rudi did the GDR on a fixed ss befre bailing after 900 miles. He also gave me some great tips about doing my 24-solo in February.

Summing up what he said, "it is not about coming out hard and riding hard, it is about going the distance and finding your inner self. When you are doing your 24 hours, you need to go steady until the last 8 hours where you can put the hammer down."

After I heard that, I slowed down a bit more yesterday in order to attempt to ride a pace I could handle for hours and hours.

La Milagrosa...... ahhhhhhhh

The route.... mtn lemon highway-molino-bellota-Italian trap-AZT-la milagrosa, 48 miles with 6400 feet of climbing.

Jumping back on the road bike tomorrow for a long, easy ride, probably in the neighborhood of 3-4 hours.

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