Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Antelope Peak Challenge Pre-ride

Max and I rolled out today at around 7am from the Starbucks at Ina/Oracle to arrive for our pre-ride of the APC. A few miles up Tiger Mine Road, the Arizona Trail begins...

Our main goal for the ride was to clear the singletrack section leading up to Antelope Peak of cholla. From Scott and Lee's recon trip, we learned that the trail was overrun with cholla. We did not find too much on the first singletrack leading up to the gasline section (pictured below)

Here is a typical field of cholla before we cleaned the trail. All of the sections around Antelope were the worst... they should all be ridable now.

A few cholla in the shoes...

Max and I hiked to the top of Antelope Peak to sign the register. Here are a few shots.

We enjoyed ourselves most of the day, laughing and brushing the trail here and there. The pace was somewhere between group riding and race pace for most of the day.

After the arch at Willow Springs the weather forecast of 20-30 mph winds ESE finally become apparent. Max cruised ahead of me back at Willow so we were both soloing the head wind. I had to make a run into Circle K for some much needed food was we neared the car.

Daily Mileage: 67 miles
January Mileage: 67 miles


Web said...

Ouch! Even with Mr Tuffy's lining your tires, looks like those cholla's could still puncture the sidewall...

Good job, guys.


Chad Brown said...

Only one flat, not too shabby.

Matt said...

Sweet - lotsa of miles and trail clearing as well.


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