Sunday, January 27, 2008

APC Report

Post-ride picture courtesy of Max

At 7am, we started at Willow Springs Rd off Highway 77 and rode to Oracle as a group for some coffee and scones... Mmmmmm! After taking a group picture, we rolled out from the Station in Oracle at 8:00am. At Tiger Mine Rd, Scott, Kevin, and Max were rolling in front of me, no surprise, these guys were going to win this race is what I thought. But then, Kevin had some mechanical issues with his shock. I continued to ride on and eventually passed Max(who was stripping down to drop the hammer),who quickly caught Scott and I before pulling ahead.

Scott and I started to chat a bit about the gasline bonus (clearing all of the hills).We concluded that whoever could clean all the hills without dabbing would probably win the race. My attempt during the pre-ride pretty much sealed my fate, I would have to dab at least one time and I did. I watched Scott clean every steep hill, very impressive. About the same time, Nathan passed me on his singlespeed.

I rode solo until getting to the bottom of Antelope Peak, where I saw Max, Scott, and Nathan on different sections of AP. I jogged up most of the trail. My next goal was to try to catch Nathan, having realized that Scott was too far (with respect to time). I hammered on Willow Springs Rd to a little before Junebug, at which time I realized the person I had been seeing was actually Scott.

He convinced me to crank out the 24-hour lap, something I am glad he did. We did the 24-hour course together, chatting a bit, before exiting back on Willow.The new singletrack (his/her) is amazing; I am excited to do the OP 24 Race in Feb.So we were finishing the 24-hour course. and Scott dropped me with about 1/2 mile to go on the 24 hour course. I tried to stay with him, but my legs were getting a little tired. Not sure what happened to the legs, but I needed some food so I slowed down a bit to eat, turned my music up, and hammered to the car.

I got back to the car (having left my trunk intentionally open) to a beer fest at the cars... great way to end over 7 hours on the bike on some great AZ Trail single track.

Post-ride cool down before heading to De Marco in Oracle. It was a great, small race that was made possible by friends like Scott, Jeff, and Max and The Station (who opened up early just for us!).


Matt said...

Sweet.... Can't wait to be mobile again.

YuriB said...

Looks like a damn fine time. Sorry to have missed it this year.


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