Sunday, January 20, 2008

Picacho Peak

It's Sunday, so it was time for my long ride on the road bike. After a few eggs and toast, I headed out with a banana, clif bar, a bottle of HEED, and 3 hammer gels at 1ish.. The 4 hour ride was at tempo, just fast enough to get back before the sun started to set. I love long, solo tempo rides; I'll probably will start road biking a little more as the weather warms up in the next few months.

The frontage road west bound had very little traffic, maybe 10-15 cars passed me. I stopped at the Dairy Queen (nudging my way around 20 people in the DQ line) below Picacho Peak and headed back to my parent's house, then back to mine to cook some rice, veggies, and orange chicken.

Mileage: 64.2 miles
Time: 4 hours

Shot of the frontage road

I'll be doing my road rides this week in order to increase my base miles every week.

Today's playlist: Format, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cheville, and 311


ScottM said...

You made it to Picacho and back in 4 hours? You either ride very fast or live in, what, Red Rock?!

Sounds like a good route for logging some miles.

Chad Brown said...

Twas nothin' (blush blush). I actually rode at tempo pace, enjoying the sounds of the periodic train and the view of the peak.

Matt said...

Nice...and you got in a DQ visit to boot. You are tearing things up this winter. look out!


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