Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The finished training plan

You can see the base, build, and peak weeks here. The light green are simulated race bricks and the purple are races. Everything is listed in hours, although tempo (or how hard I am training that day) is not recorded. You will notice that there are more bricks in the peak stage; also, these bricks are done at race pace hence the shorter hours during this stage. Immediately after my 3rd peak stage, I will be resting for 5-7 days for rejuvenation.

Comments or suggestions on the plan?


Unknown said...

Make sure you have at least one rest day each week.

Dave said...

Times are a bit off. The Rim Ride (3/29) will take a bit more than 150 minutes, and if you think the MTBR crew will do a quad this Saturday in 5 hours, you're dreamin. It took over 8 last year.

See ya soon!

Chad said...

Thanks for the suggestions.... I actually did not have my race/ride calendar with me at the time, so I have not put in all the race/rides..... See you tomorrow!


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